Bio reef…. Deus Custom Bali

The Designers Republic™ spilt the oil, someone baked a GIF cake with it. 
Autechre cover art.

The Deus Festival of the V Twin has been slated for Saturday, 7th May at Camperdown. Keep an eye glued here for updates.

‘The Dufus’ by Tyler
What can one say about The Dufus that hasn’t been said before? Rusty tank with a busted grill, a flat ass seat and one hell of a good time when ya ride it…and I’m just talking about it’s owner…
Born to no other by a mechanical mother, some say a metal god, or maybe just a man and his dog on a morning walk. She’s been laid down, weighed down and sprayed down. The engine’s been blown more times than Jon Holmes. She’s been rode hard and put away harder. And yet when it’s between yer legs, she purrs like a cat who just found it’s home. She fires up every morning eager to ride again, even if it’s only down to the beach and back. That’s why we love The Dufus…

Oil and water

The last of the three SR’s by RB Racing. A tasty white and red 500. Photos here.
surfer in bali ride this horse… :D
Deus Custom Bible
Deus Custom mesin Tiger
CB 200 Deus Custom

"• Veutura Handle Bars • Japanese Alloy tank with custom spray • Custom Small Switch • HD Front Light • Posh Stop Light • Posh Small Chrome Speedo • Custom Header Pipe Stainless Steel • Custom Reverse Cone Stainless Exhaust •"

- CB 200

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